BLOG: Civil engineer Paul Steen on why he's proud to be part of the task force

Low Carbon Infrastructure Task Force member, Paul Steen, is a Civil Engineer and member of the Institution of Civil Engineers and past Chairman of the Edinburgh Branch. He leads the Ramboll Energy business in Scotland, where he is involved in the business case development and detailed design of renewable heat and electricity production and distribution projects, including CHP, heat pump, biomass and biogas facilities.

Having spent time working with colleagues in Denmark and Sweden, seeing alternative perspectives on infrastructure delivery, and with fifteen years’ experience in planning, design, specification and supervision of a diverse range of construction projects in the energy, marine, transport, and built environment, I joined the task force to work with similarly minded individuals from a broad array of organisations to provide encouragement, and challenge where needed, to Scottish Government, to realise the benefits of low carbon infrastructure investment. My ambition is that the work of the LCI Taskforce will articulate a very clear definition of projects that can inspire Scottish Government and the public to get behind them. The LCI Taskforce clearly identifies the need for a systems level approach that allows the additionality of projects to improve overall performance – such as the role of energy storage combined with shifting demands for heating and transport fuels to low carbon sources.

The Scottish public sector is influential in delivering low carbon infrastructure investment. It is clear that budget constraints do not allow the public sector to fund all of this investment and novel approaches to financing infrastructure will be needed. However, the public sector will still be essential in providing the leadership to bind these complex projects together.

The decisions we make now about what and how we build will dictate how we travel, heat our homes and power our industries in 2050. A systems approach to low carbon infrastructure is essential to this.

I am proud to be part of a project that tackles climate change head on.


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