Portrait of Alex Hilliam


Senior Researcher - Behaviour Change

Alex joined Changeworks in 2011 as a behaviour change researcher supporting internal service delivery and delivering projects for external partners. Changeworks engages with ca. 80,000 people a year in a huge number of contexts and settings and behaviour change is at the heart of the vast majority of those interactions.

He was commissioned by the Scottish Government to take a key role disseminating their ISM (Individual, Social and Material) Behaviour Change Tool through workshops and follow up work with a wide range of organisations. Prior to Changeworks he spent 5 years working in social and market research having previously worked as a transport consultant. He obtained a PhD from University of Edinburgh in 2004.

Behaviour change had been a consistent theme throughout Alex’s career: His PhD research explored the influences of industrial sponsorship on university researchers and his work as a transport consultant included work on personalised travel planning projects and applying insights from psychology to transport challenges. Whilst working in the market research industry, much of his work focused on evaluating or informing social marketing campaigns. This included projects in relation to smoking cessation; illicit tobacco purchasing, travel, waste and recycling and sexual-health. He has largely worked with UK and Scottish Governments and other public sector clients during his career, including clients from the health, transport, rural development learning and community sectors.

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