Portrait of Andy Kerr


Executive Director
Edinburgh Centre for Carbon Innovation

Andy is the Executive Director of the Edinburgh Centre for Carbon Innovation (ECCI), a low carbon innovation and skills centre hosted by the University of Edinburgh. ECCI works with the entrepreneurs, business and civic sectors to develop and share knowledge, ideas and expertise to catalyse a low carbon future.

Andy is a member of the business-led 2020 Climate Group. He is a member of the Scottish Government’s “Climate Change Delivery Board” which has overall responsibility for delivering the broad programme of Government policies designed to deliver the Scotland’s radical emission reduction targets. He is also the Policy Director of the Scottish Centre of Expertise in Climate Change – an initiative established to improve access by the Scottish Government to low carbon data, information and knowledge to support effective policy development and implementation.

Previously, Andy worked in the private sector, trading carbon and developing projects in the emerging international carbon and biofuel markets, and working with companies to develop both strategic and practical management responses to emerging opportunities and legislation.

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