Adapting our cities for public transport and active travel

This project looks to re-engineer our cities to allow people live and travel in low-carbon ways- connecting public transport within and across cities, reducing air pollution from private vehicles and making it easier and safer to travel on foot or by bike. Examples of this type of project elsewhere even show that projects like this can boost local business and improve the local economy.


Does this project add to existing infrastructure efforts

Green Significantly additional to existing investment in active travel infrastructure and Low Emissions Strategy Consultation.


Does this project contribute to the prosperity of Scotland's people and businesses

Green Despite concerns from local businesses, international experience has shown that removal of car traffic supports local businesses and can regenerate areas.


Does this project bring social benefits, beyond economic and environmental benefits

Green Health benefits for local population, both due to active travel and cleaner air.


Does this project further environmental goals in addition to carbon reduction

Green Air quality improvements and water quality improvements through reduced surface runoff, provided problems aren’t transferred elsewhere.


Does this project help people take on low carbon behaviours

Green Will actively promote behavioural change to support low carbon healthy lifestyles.

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