Fast rail link between the central belt and Aberdeen

This project would develop a new high-speed, electrified rail link between Glasgow/Edinburgh and Aberdeen. By allowing travel at up to 150mph, journey times could be cut by up to 80minutes, improving connections between Scotland’s largest northern city and the central belt and opening up opportunities for employment flexibility and shifting travel away from road and air.


Does this project add to existing infrastructure efforts

Green Additional to existing efforts. This is an ambitious project which is outside the scope of current national infrastructure plans.


Does this project contribute to the prosperity of Scotland's people and businesses

Green Contributes toward economic resilience of Aberdeen as the economy diversifies and access to markets in Scotland and the UK becomes increasingly important.


Does this project bring social benefits, beyond economic and environmental benefits

Amber Potential benefits include safety and reduced maintenance costs from displacing passenger and freight journeys off of roads.


Does this project further environmental goals in addition to carbon reduction

Amber Improved air quality through displacing passenger journeys from road/air and freight journeys from road to rail.


Does this project help people take on low carbon behaviours

Green Enables public and businesses to make low carbon transport choices and encourages modal shift.

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