District heating for Scotland’s high flats

With heating accounting for 50% of our energy use, and 58,000 high rise blocks in Scotland, this project aims to roll out a national programme of district heating [supplying all the blocks in an area with heat from one source] in domestic flats to reduce fuel poverty, improve energy efficiency and lower emissions.


Does this project add to existing infrastructure efforts

Amber Additional to existing efforts. While individual schemes have been developed, no nationally coordinated programme exists.


Does this project contribute to the prosperity of Scotland's people and businesses

Green Potential for local employment of skilled labour across Scotland.


Does this project bring social benefits, beyond economic and environmental benefits

Green Tackles fuel poverty in areas of multiple deprivation.


Does this project further environmental goals in addition to carbon reduction

Amber No significant local environmental benefits beyond carbon reduction.


Does this project help people take on low carbon behaviours

Amber Provides opportunity to engage residents with energy efficiency and low carbon heating and pave the way for further engagement.

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