Ending cold homes through energy efficiency

This project is about improving our homes, businesses and public sector buildings to be more energy efficient, reducing fuel poverty, improving health and ensuring long-term financial savings. Insulation, lighting upgrades and boiler replacements could help the 70% of buildings that will still be in use in 2050 be more ‘future-proof’.


Does this project add to existing infrastructure efforts

Amber Additional to existing efforts. Energy efficiency measures are underway, but this programme is a large scale expansion and acceleration of current commitments.


Does this project contribute to the prosperity of Scotland's people and businesses

Green Local employment of skilled labour across Scotland. Reduced spend on energy will result in greater funding remaining in local economies.


Does this project bring social benefits, beyond economic and environmental benefits

Green Energy efficiency measures will result in a reduction in fuel poverty, improved health outcomes and savings to the NHS, long-term financial savings and increased energy security.


Does this project further environmental goals in addition to carbon reduction

Amber No significant local environmental benefits beyond carbon reduction.


Does this project help people take on low carbon behaviours

Green A national programme of this scale would help make energy efficiency a social norm in the home, at work and in public spaces which will encourage and support lasting behaviour change.

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