Energy from waste water programme

This scheme would turn wastewater treatment plants into small power plants, releasing the energy potential of wastewater, as well as food waste and landfill. This project could help divert waste from landfill, enable recycling, and even create jobs in research and development.


Does this project add to existing infrastructure efforts

Green Additional to existing efforts. Scottish Water is looking at energy generation at small scale works as a means of offsetting consumption but no programme exists for co-digestion.


Does this project contribute to the prosperity of Scotland's people and businesses

Green Potential for job opportunities for the R&D stages. Scope to export both technology and expertise internationally.


Does this project bring social benefits, beyond economic and environmental benefits

Amber Divert fats, oils, grease and food waste from landfill, avoiding fugitive methane emissions.


Does this project further environmental goals in addition to carbon reduction

Amber No significant local environmental benefits beyond carbon reduction and reduction in waste to landfill. Robust controls required to manage odour effectively from the plant.


Does this project help people take on low carbon behaviours

Amber Encourages recycling as there is a clear link to positive outcomes. This must be balanced with the need to ensure that co-digestion would not result in an overall increase in food waste.

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